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Lovers Tiff RPG

Since November 2005


About the Community
loverstiff is a male slash roleplaying community set in the wonderful state of New Jersey. We are currently looking for ANY male celebrities to join the community. Actors, musicians, models, athletes, scene kings... any celebrities you're interested in playing!

THIS IS NOT AN AU COMMUNITY. All characters are celebrities and must be played as true to their character as you can. You're expected to play your character(s) as realistic as possible. For the sake of argument, the RPG is based in New Jersey, and ALL characters live there.

This is an AIM/Livejournal based RPG. Roleplaying is done through AIM, and Livejournal is used as a place for your character to vent and post about their life. Livejournal entries are also used to let the MODS know that you are active in the community. This is a STORYBOOK ONLY community.

Any questions or concerns? Contact the MODS:

Erin OrAreWeDancers

Kat KatKtenology

If you'd like to affiliate, please message Erin at OrAreWeDancers.